1. Go to your gallery then click Create a Book


2. Click Albums and Books to proceed to the order page. 


3. Review the available album options and prices then click the Add button for your selection.


4. Select your desired album page background color in three options: Contemporary White, Black or Cream.


5. Under Page Options on the right hand side of the page, select E-surface or Classic Felt paper type (the ? link will explain the differences) and select your desired number of pages in the album.


6. Under Leather (or Linen) Cover Color select your desired Leather or Linen album color.


7. Select the album page images at the bottom of the webpage to design each album page individually.  You can select the Change Layout button at the top of the page to arrange the pictures in each page.


8. In the Change Page Layout section on the right side, choose how many pictures you wish to have displayed on each page.  There can be one, two, three, or four pictures per page with the available page layout options.


9. You can also add and edit text captions under each picture in the album.  This is not required if you prefer blank space.


10. When you click the image on the album page, you have some editing options: (1) Zoom in and out within the image using the plus and minus buttons and a slider; (2) Center the image button; (3) Crop button; (4) Delete photo on this page; (5) Change Photo explained in the next step; (6) Close the edit with the "X" button.


11. In the Change Photos option, you have all of your gallery images available on the right side to drag and drop into the album page.  You can still edit the image, change the layout, or adjust any album options with the buttons at the top. 


12. Once you are finished with designing your album and customizing the pictures, select the Add to Cart button at the bottom right.


13. Confirm that you like the photo text captions by clicking Yes, Continue to move to the album order confirmation.


14. In the Order Confirmation page, there may be a message displaying "the product is incomplete".  If this is the case, you can still edit the album with the Preview the Album link on this page or Edit link in the Shopping Cart. 


15. Make sure that every page in the album does not have a blank space for a photo.  Once completed, you can then proceed to check out in your Shopping Cart.